Why a whistleblowing website

I would like to make it clear that this website is not set up as a witch-hunt to "punish" and be unappreciative of NHS staff.

I must admit that sometimes I am so busy fighting my corner and trying to be heard that I myself forget about all the good people in the NHS who do a good job against all the proverbail odds.

I know the NHS has been driven to the ground by the tories. I know the system is not up to standard.I am aware of the difficulties that everyone faces.

And that is exactly why I am as accomodating as I can. If I have to wait 3 months or more for a specialist appointment, I don't mind. If I have to sit for hours waiting for my appointment, I don't mind either. If when I see someone they are tired, I will be very happy to wait a little longer and let them have a break. I don't mind that it takes months for a letter to reach my GP.

I am really happy to do whatever it takes to make it easier on everyone.

I am grateful for the committment and effort given by everyone who provides such an essential service in such difficult circumnstances.

One thing I cannot accept, however, is gaslighting. 

And this is the reason behind this website. It's not to blame everyone, rather to alert everyone, as well as, understandably, identifying "bad apples".

The problem with institutional abuse, is that it is built into the system. It is a way to "manage" certain "people" and "situations" and it is deemed acceptable.

There are processes and procedures in place to formalise and normalise that abuse into accepted behaviour.

Some unscrupulous professionals will use these "system features" to promote their career and standing But I think that is just a very small proportion. 

Experience suggests that most people that practice gaslighting fall into two categories. Some less savvy professionals may use these features only occasionally, in "extreme circumstances", but still use them. Then there are others who simply look at the process without critical thinking and accept that endemic as a "normal" daily occurrence.

That is why a whistleblowing website. To raise awareness certainly. And also to celebrate and protect those who manage to help patients in spite of such challenging circumstances. 

And I am grateful to everyone who in the NHS is diligent and conscientious. 


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